Shane Pruitt Trio - Melting Pot Music Festival
Melting Pot Music Festival is bringing top bands and musical acts from all around the South to Spartanburg to create unity in our community through the power of music.
Music Festival, Spartanburg, South Carolina, September, 2016, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Dance, Disco, Electronic, Funk, Hip hop, East Coast, Midwest. Southern, Jazz, multi-genre,
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#MPMF 2017

Shane Pruitt Trio

Musical roots for the Blues and Southern Rock have been living and breathing in Spartanburg, SC for years, and the Shane Pruitt Trio is no exception! Embodying regional tradition, the trio brings their own original tone and flare to each performance.


Find them on Facebook (Shane Pruitt Band), Instagram (@_shanepruitt), and