Gloom Girl - Melting Pot Music Festival
Melting Pot Music Festival is bringing top bands and musical acts from all around the South to Spartanburg to create unity in our community through the power of music.
Music Festival, Spartanburg, South Carolina, September, 2016, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Dance, Disco, Electronic, Funk, Hip hop, East Coast, Midwest. Southern, Jazz, multi-genre,
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#MPMF 2017

Gloom Girl


Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Bella has always shown an interest in music. She has been writing her own music for about 3 years and just released an EP in August 2017 which can be heard on
Her music career started when she was around 11.
She plays drums, guitar and ukulele. She has performs around her hometown of Florence, South Carolina at Lula’s Coffee Shop and Southern Hops, a local brewery/restaurant, along with singing open mic night at the Blue Bird Café in Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently a high school senior.